Events Rsvp Draft

This is not supported by the backend yet, but it was not available before either.

RSVP to an event

An event can be accepted, declined or tentatively accepted by the user. This is done by sending a POST request to the following endpoints:

fetch("<RSVP_ACTION>?seriesUpdateMode=<UPDATE_MODE>", {
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
    "accept": "application/json",
    "Authorization": "ApiKey <API_KEY>"
    body: JSON.stringify({"id": <EVENT_ID>, "comment": <COMMENT>, "notifyOrganizer": <true|false>})

The last segment of the URL marked with <RSVP_ACTION> defines the action to be performed. Possible values are:

  • accept: Accept the event.
  • decline: Decline the event.
  • tentativelyAccept: Tentatively accept the event.
seriesUpdateModeQuerysingleNoDefines how to update recurring events. Possible values are: all (update all events), future (update this and future occurrences), single (update this event only, default). This parameter has no effect on non-recurring events.
idBody-YesThe ID of the event to update.
commentBody-NoA comment to be sent to the organizer.
notifyOrganizerBodytrueNoWhether to send the response to the organizer.

Currently seriesUpdateMode only supports the default value (single).